Hello, Galactic Mauve! I love you.

Lise —  July 10, 2017 — 16 Comments


I was just browsing Maybelline’s website when I stumbled upon this beautiful shade in their Color Sensational line! I’m always intrigued whenever I see the world “Galactic” used anywhere so I thought I had to go to the Maybelline display at my local grocery store to check it out. Luckily they had a few of this shade in stock and I was immediately smitten by it.

It is a beautiful mauve shade with a whole bunch of shimmer. It’s not easy to see the shimmer in these pictures but in natural light it is very noticeable! You can kinda see in the swatches that the left part is lighter because the shimmer reflects the direct sunlight. I was kind of expecting real sparkles since it was named “Galactic Mauve” and it made me think of outer space, but a shimmer is acceptable too! They also have a slightly darker version of this without all the shimmer, it’s called “Magic Mauve” and it is really pretty too.


It is a very creamy lipstick so it doesn’t have the same longevity as liquid or matte lipsticks but I found it to be very decent. It feels great on the lips, not too sticky or anything so I don’t mind reapplying it throughout the day. It does transfer onto cups or bottles so that is something to keep in mind with this lipstick. It has somewhat of a perfume-y scent but I honestly don’t mind it at all because it’s not really noticeable when it’s on your lips.


One thing I noticed when applying this was that it is very similar to the natural color my lips have! It’s just a tad bit more purple, and my lips doesn’t naturally have any shimmer. (duh!) In the picture below I have wiped the left side clean and on the right I still have the lipstick on, very similar, right? I’m happy that it is because that just means that this could definitely be an every day kind of lipstick, even with the shimmer since it’s so close to my natural color.


It has been a long time since I last fell for a lipstick, so it was very nice to see that this one definitely worked for me! Have you discovered any new lip products that you love lately?

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16 responses to Hello, Galactic Mauve! I love you.


    Such a nice color for everyday ! Thanks for sharing



    That is such a lovely color on you! Very pretty πŸ’œ



    I love the name “Galactic Mauve” and the shade! Looks great on you.



    This is totally my kinda shade! πŸ™‚



    This is so pretty! I’ve fallen back in love with the Juicy Shaker as the summer heat means my lips have needed the extra TLC!



    That looks like a shade that I’d be into – I’ll have to check it out!


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