My absolutely favourite snacks

Lise —  July 5, 2017 — 15 Comments

Years ago I used to be a terrible snacker, buying crisps and sweets all of the time and it wasn’t good for my health, nor my wallet. After I realized how bad it was I turned to fruit instead whenever I craved something to snack on. Fresh fruit is amazing, but sometimes I want something more savory to sate my cravings. A lot of the time I just chop fruit into small bits and bake them in the oven but they can end up being too mushy. With these slices, they often get a bit crispy on the outside since the skin is still on, and then the inside is really tender.

I usually sprinkle a little bit of sugar on them to make it more sweet, but you could totally just use cinnamon and skip the sugar to keep it healthier.

Here’s the very short list of what you need:

  • 1 to 3 apples, depending on how many slices you want. I used two.
  • Some cinnamon
  • Some sugar
  • A knife for slicing and removing the core pieces
  • A baking pan

I put them in at 200 degrees Celsius for 10 to 15 minutes, this all depends on how fast the sugar melts or how finished the slices look. If you choose to put sugar on it, the sugar should just finish melting before you take the slices out of the oven. Sometimes if you keep them in for too long, it can bubble up too much and you end up risking getting burns on your hands when you take them out and that is not good!





I piled the slices onto each other in the picture above so it looks a bit sloppy, but they’re honestly delicious! I heard it described as apple pie without the pie at one point, which is pretty much true since apple pieces in pies do get tender when you bake them.

Do you snack on any fruit when you get cravings? Do you prefer fresh fruit or making them into something else?

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15 responses to My absolutely favourite snacks


    I love snacking on fruit and veg when I get hungry! It stops me from gaining weight and is a really easy way to add nutrients into my diet 🙂 I love snacking on strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and celery the most 🙂 Cherry tomatoes are my favourite because they are super affordable and are very nutrient dense 😀 I just snack on them as they are – I’m too impatient to prepare my snacks in any way!



      Oh yeah cherry tomatoes are great! Whenever i make salads i put a lot of them in there because i enjoy picking them out to eat them on their own! I guess its a good thing to not prepare them differently since its the cleanest eating you could do! 😀

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    Lise these look so good!!!! xxx



    So beautiful! I would prefer fresh fruits as I dont have patience to prepare something for myself!



    These look delicious! It’s like a mini version of apple crumble! I”m normally terrible with snacks too, especially at work, there’s always lollies around, so suddenly fruit is less appealing 😂



    I love baked apples and these slices look delicious!
    For snacks I tend to eat fresh fruit and vegetables and skyr with muesli. Every now and then I’ll have something sweet.



    I tend to snack through my day, so it really helps to have healthier options. I’m definitely adding your apples to my list. 🙂


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