When you have to realize that things just wont work

Lise —  July 2, 2017 — 13 Comments

This will just be a post talking about my health issues, if that is of no interest to you, don’t worry, you can just click away from the page, no hard feelings! 

I have talked about this before, but I don’t do so very often, but I was in a severe accident when I was 7 years old. I have a permanent injury in my leg and it makes a lot of things difficult to do. This includes jobs, and I have always pretended to be more able bodied that I am and that has resulted in me jeopardizing my health.. a lot. I think I can count on one hand the times where I actually felt pretty good during the previous year. The biggest issue is that I had to transplant a lot of skin from my right leg to my left, but it didn’t really do much and the skin on my heel breaks so easily if I’m on my feet a lot. I guess you can see how this would be an issue in a lot of work situations.

That and having a pretty uncomfortable skin illness has broken me down a lot over the years, and in May, I decided that enough was enough. I sent in my letter of resignation and as of June 30th, I am no longer employed. I had a long conversation with my regular doctor and she recommended applying for welfare, but only to an extent where I can keep a part time job. I would hate to just be 100% on welfare and not being able to do anything, I hate sitting still and I hate not being productive.

I have meddled in thoughts of making crafts and selling them online, but I’m not great with details and I’m a total perfectionist so I don’t think I would ever deem anything to be good enough to sell. I want to work with interior design, since that was my major study, but those kind of jobs require more work force than I am able to give.

Life now is just full of insecurities and I am so stressed out about what to do. What if they reject my application for financial help? What if I can’t find a new job if I have to? What if I run myself into the ground and end up jeopardizing my health again? I’m just crossing my fingers that I will have this all fixed before I run out of money.

Life is so stressful!




I'm a 26 year old girl. I love blogging about things like make up, skincare, books, video games, life, home decoration, gardening and whatnot. I love getting to know new people, let's start a conversation!

13 responses to When you have to realize that things just wont work


    Aaw I’m sorry to hear this hun. Is there office jobs or anything lije that near you, where you wouldn’t need to stand for too long? Xx



      I wish there was, but office jobs here has gone from like.. “peasant work” to a job where you need a degree and many years of experience before they will even consider hiring you. 😦

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        Really? It is often the most common job near me. That and supermarket jobs. A shame they want so much. Jobs often want a tonne of experience now😔 x



          Yeah, the job market here in norway is so effed up right now. I went 4 years applying for jobs before landing the one i had for 2 and a half years now before i quit. 🙁 ive even gotten rejected from super market jobs for lacking experience too.. when i was a teen i had no issue landing a job but now 10-13 years later it feels impossible.

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    Darling girl. I know how you feel. Worries are just so consuming but what I’ve learnt over the years is this… don’t worry about something until it happens – otherwise you will spend your life worrying about things that are never going to happen & what a waste of energy that is. Instead you could be making crafts or trying to find work in interiors, writing on your blog.
    Even though it is hard to think about, there is so much more out there than anxiety and self doubt – don’t let it stop you or it wins xx



      Worst part is i know you’re absolutely right but convincing my brain of the same thing is so hard! Getting out of the rut is gonna take some time but I’ll get there eventually. Thank you for your kind words, i really appreciate it xx

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    Michala • Reviews à La Mode July 2, 2017 at 10:41 PM

    Sorry to hear about your struggles. I think your doing the right thing in taking some time for yourself. Maybe you could work from home, a lot of places out source their work now. Either way, things have a way of working themselves out in the end x



    Ugh, life is stressful! Everything was all fairly good and dandy for me, until we received a letter saying that our council wants to sell the home we’re living in and that we might be evicted at some point…

    I’m sorry for your health issues. I know it isn’t much, but something little you could do to help make a little money fairly passively is selling old clothes, books etc on ebay that you don’t use anymore. I’ve been doing that and it’s been quite effective! I’ve even been able to sell used clothes from primark. It also helps clear some space in the home, which is always nice.

    I wish you the very best of luck with your application for financial assistance, you deserve it!



      Ah you live in a council house? 😦 I hope you’re able to find a new place to live, one where you can feel safe about not getting randomly evicted! ❤

      Oh that sounds like a good idea! I've been selling games that I don't play anymore, and I sold my 3ds, but I haven't thought about clothes and books, I'll definitely look into it. Thanks for the suggestion ❤


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