If there’s one thing I wish I was good at..

Lise —  July 1, 2017 — 4 Comments

.. It would be sewing!

When I was still in college I took a course in sewing and design and I thought it was so much fun. A year later I purchased a sewing machine, wanting to create my own cloak (I’m talking about an actual medieval looking cloak, not just some modern article of clothing), but the machine just wasn’t any good. I could have replaced it, but the store wouldn’t take it back and I couldn’t afford to purchase a whole new sewing machine just a few months after the first because they are so expensive here. So my dreams were pretty much crushed, all I got out of it was a couple of new pillow cases and to this day I regret not doing more research beforehand instead of just purchasing the first machine I found that looked cool.

So I guess that would be like a future goal for me now, being wealthy enough to purchase a sewing machine, and an overlock machine so that I could get those pretty seams instead of just fraying fabric. — Am I the only one to wish that cloaks would be a thing again? I have always been fascinated by the way they look, not only do they seem easy and convenient to wear but some can be so stunning! Just going to leave a small picture dump of some of my favorites. I find any type of cloak to be fascinating, from simple peasant designs to royalty.

Is there a historical piece of clothing that you wish would still be a thing?





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4 responses to If there’s one thing I wish I was good at..


    I know what you mean! Totally right. Would be so great to create something on my own.



    Well now! That first pic, makes me agree with you 100%. Cloaks seem to be damned brilliant. But then who doesn’t love anything swooshy and with a hood to boot??


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