Top 5 Friday: Favorite things about the summer

Lise —  June 30, 2017 — 4 Comments
  1. How good melons taste! I always try to keep my fridge stocked with various types of melons, preferably watermelon and a variety called Piel de Sapo, they’re even better when they’re chilled! I love that watermelons helps with keeping you staying hydrated too so it’s really a win-win situation to snack on them in the summer heat.
  2. Coconut scented everything! Tropical scents and summer goes together like… well.. I couldn’t think of a good comparison, but a coconut-y tropical scent is like peak summer for me. I have a tropical scented sunscreen and I love that it makes me smell so good instead of that standard sunscreen scent.
  3. A cool breeze on a hot day. Nothing feels better than a cool breeze when you’re feeling really hot. Finally getting a break from the heat when the shade just isn’t enough feels amazing.
  4. Bonfires on the beach. It’s not allowed to have any bonfires in the woods here during the summer so resorting to having it on the beach is a great alternative, honestly. Just sitting there in our beach chairs, having marshmallows, hotdogs, cold beers and whatnot, it’s amazing.
  5. Being able to stay outside overnight without freezing. During autumn and winter, it’s not really possible to stay out during the night at all, it gets way too cold. I love being outside and looking up at the sky, mostly because I live in the countryside and we have little to none light pollution so I get to see a lot of stars.

What are your favorite things about summer?

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4 responses to Top 5 Friday: Favorite things about the summer


    I love all of this! I love ice cold melon, so refreshing😊 Sadly we can’t have bonfires on the beaches near me. They’re too crowded. I need one in a remote area😊 xx

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    Michala • Reviews à La Mode July 1, 2017 at 12:02 PM

    it must be so nice to live out in the country. i’m in a small town that was once the pollution capital of the north so the sky is often a weird tinge of orange and you rarely get to see the stars.


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