When things don’t go as planned, number two.

Lise —  June 29, 2017 — 9 Comments

I don’t know what it is with me and hair, but things just never seem to go as planned. First I was growing out my fringe, then I ended up cutting it a few weeks ago.. now I was trying to grow out my natural, brown hair color after having it dyed black for a year and a half but I got bored and ended up dying my hair a bright red color. I have had red hair many times before so it is nothing new to me, but I switched it up a little bit by leaving in a section of bleached, blonde hair. I need to do a few blue/purple toned treatments on it to get rid of the yellow tone but I’m sure it will turn out the way I want it to be in the end!

I was going for a quite soft red but the dye my sister purchased for me turned out to be the brightest red, the picture won’t even do it justice. I went from a gray mouse that blended in to a red flare, basically. I’m not mad though, I love having my hair red, so I hope I can maintain this one for quite a while before I grow tired of it. I guess my dream of having a teal ombre just have to wait! Have you done anything fun with your hair lately?

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9 responses to When things don’t go as planned, number two.


    I’m having my hair done Saturday. I think I’ll have a pinky purple tint added again😊 x

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    Lol girl this is always me. Going for one thing and ending up with the opposite. Box dye is always an adventure but it makes for laughs and funny memories.



    Seriously, I love it! I think it suits your skin tone reallyyy well πŸ™‚

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    I don’t think it turned out that badly but I understand it’s not what you originally intended.
    I’m too afraid to do anything to my hair myself!



      Yeah- I like the color, i just regret not finishing growing out my natural color first! I used to be afraid too, but a friend reminded me that it’s just hair and that it grows out again. x


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