Allergy friendly mascara?

Lise —  June 26, 2017 — 6 Comments


I have been looking for a mascara that would work for sensitive eyes, and since I can’t find any Essence mascaras anywhere in stores where I live, I decided to go out to look for a different alternative. For about a year now I have been using the Eyes Right mascara from Lush, but I felt like I needed a somewhat cheaper alternative because that one dried out fairly quickly so repurchasing it was becoming an expensive habit. It was also a bit awkward to use because the wand was so short, so something new was definitely in order.

I always found that regular and waterproof mascaras always made my eyes itch, and they felt kind of swollen after a day of wearing them, so I went all mascara-less for quite some time until I found the one from Lush. Lately I have done the same just to give my eyes a break and I must admit, I felt kind of naked without it.


Its kind of weird how a coating of black on your lashes can make you feel better, but that’s how it is for me! I suppose it is because my lashes point downwards and are pretty much invisible without it so I enjoy having my eyes framed properly. This mascara in particular does a pretty good job! It doesn’t really keep my lashes looking curled all day, because in all  honesty, nothing can do that, but it holds up pretty well! It doesn’t smudge, because it is water resistant so you won’t have to worry about sweating it off during the summer! Here’s a few more details about the mascara, all taken from IsaDora’s website:

For extra sensitive eyes and short eye lashes
– Free from additives which, in extreme cases, may cause allergic reactions
– Special thin brush for sensitive eyes and short eye lashes
– Water-resistant
– Ophthalmologically tested
– For sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
Net content: 7 ml/.24 Fl.oz
Fragrance free. Clinically tested.

Not only is the mascara cheaper than Lush’s mascara, it also contains 2 ml more so I feel even better about saving money and getting more product! The thin brush is also a plus because it really helps with coating the lower lash line thoroughly without smearing mascara all over the place. The consistency is somewhere in the middle between wet and dry and I enjoy it a whole lot! It is also easy to layer if you prefer more bold lashes. I only have one coat on in the picture below, and you can see that is is quite pigmented and black. Even if you choose to go for two coats of mascara, it still feels very light weight and it’s so nice to use!


I’m really happy that I discovered it and I will definitely repurchase this when I run out, unless I find other amazing and hypoallergenic mascaras in the meantime while continuing to use up this tube. Do you have sensitive eyes? Or have you tried any mascaras that claim to be for sensitive eyes that worked for you? Please let me know so I can try them too.

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6 responses to Allergy friendly mascara?


    This is so tricky I find, my eyes are v. v. particular, not helped by the wearing of the contacts obviously. I’ve tried lots of mascaras that are supposedly for sensitive eyes that just haven’t worked at all. So I’m currently using a variety of H&M mascaras which oddly do work for me even if they’re not marketed as for sensitive eyes.

    So yeaa… you could try the H&M ones and see if you get along.

    Here’s what I like to do though: smell the mascara before buying. For me at least it seems as if there’s a strong smell it’s not going to work, the rest of them are usually fine. But maybe that’s just me?

    I could also recommend the No7 mascara for sensitive eyes, but I’m not sure how easy it’s for you to come by? Naturals collection also works well, plus it’s dirt cheap, but again, not sure how easy that would be for you. I usually stock up when I’m in the UK. You could order them though, but the shipping fee to outside the UK is kind of steep.



      I feel you on the contacts, i tried using those instead of glasses and my eyes reacted so badly to everything from eyeliner to my make up remover D;

      Are they like H&M brand mascaras or just other brands purchased at H&M? D: I can’t recall ever trying them out but if they work for you then maybe they can work for me too.

      The isadora mascara doesn’t have a scent at all so I think you’re right about that. The lush mascara didn’t really have a scent either. The last mascara i had from maybelline had a really strong scent and hurt my eyes a lot.

      There is a Boots pharmacy in a nearby town so I could go there to check out no7 sometime! The shipping fees are awful, i tried ordering some books from the UK and the shipping was four times as much as the books themselves so not keen on that D: Thanks for all of the recommendations though! I’ll check out as many as I can.



        Yup, it’s H&M’s own!

        Ja, I’ve tried it : ) I’m actually using an IsaDora mascara now as well, though not the hypo-allergy one, the yellow one, volume something maybe? It’s alright, though as for volume, kinda meh.

        Gawd I miss Maybelline’s Great Lash, perfect everyday, but yeah, hurts the eyes and they test on animals so out of the question anyway.

        Really?! I sometimes order books from, usually not that bad. I think? Plus, you can order used books, which means the books costs pretty much nothing, so including fee, still pretty cheap. Not possible for all books course, but still.

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    I love the results its is giving you! Good to know they carry mascaras like such 🙂


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