Top 5 Friday : Favorite Male Singers

Lise —  June 16, 2017 — 3 Comments

Just to make it equal, since last Friday was dedicated to female singers, I will dedicate this one to male singers! These can either be solo singers or bands with a male vocalist. The list will be in no particular order since it was hard enough to only pick five out of all the artists and bands I listen to.

  1. Highly Suspect – Johnny Stevens has one of the nicest voices I know of and they perform incredible songs on top of it all. The band has been active since 2009, but I only discovered them a few years ago. I’m really happy that I did though because their songs and their music videos are absolutely amazing. I don’t think I could ever praise them enough. My favorite song is called “Bath Salts”, but I thought I could share this song, since the music video is really nice!
  2. Hurts – I discovered them through the Deep Dark Indie playlist, like I did with many of the female artists on my other list. Hurts is a synth-pop duo from the UK and their vocalist is great. His voice reminds me of many others but it’s still different from the rest too.
  3. Jaymes Young – I used to be such a fan of his music, and suddenly my interest dropped a bit. But I still thing he has one of the most pleasant voices to listen to. I especially used to love his song “Moondust”, one which he also made an acoustic version of.
  4. I See Stars – I guess it’s no surprise anymore that i enjoy clean vocals, so this one is another great addition to the list. It’s not really a band I listen to regularly, but whenever I do I’m always blown away by the vocals.
  5. Blink 182 – Does anyone not like Tom Delonge’s vocals? I mean, I have loved his vocals ever since Blink first started making music and I don’t think I will ever stop! Even though they have had a lot of silly songs, his vocals are still good. Just going to share this song because I still listen to it every day. It also helps that the music video is stunning. I love all 1920-1930’s aesthetic.


What would your top 5 list look like?

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3 responses to Top 5 Friday : Favorite Male Singers


    …I feel compelled to answer your question. It is quite possible to not like that Blink guy’s vocals. How this works is a. you don’t particularly like Blink (put mildly) b. you don’t particularly like pop punk, c. you don’t really get what he’s on about, if he’s serious or not and that’s just confusing and annoying, d. he’s got nothing about him that’s special, he’s not even German (major faux pas as you might understand). Sorry :/ I mean really, none of these are -actual- reasons, you just like what you like. Blink doesn’t fall within my range of like, ‘s all. No offense of course. May I offer someone for you to hate? How about….Joel from Amity Affliction? Bit of a cheat, because guy does no clean vocals ever, and his expression is a bit harsh at that even. I love his vocals obvs.

    Could do a top 5, but I feel as if I’ve hogged enough space in your comment field already. (Sorry.) Love these top 5 lists tho! And with the exception of Blink-guy, I like your choices!

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    I love Hurts & totally get what you mean about Tom!x

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