A Blue Eye Look & First Impressions Of Nyx + More

Lise —  June 8, 2017 — 15 Comments

Following the beauty haul I did yesterday, plus saving other products to try them for a first impressions kind of post, I decided to fuse both into one. I have been really into blue shades lately, both in objects and in make up so after purchasing multiple blue items, I decided I wanted to test them out. I rarely go for a really bold eye look like this so I felt like I was kinda out of touch when doing it, it might look a bit sloppily done, honestly.


A darker blue in the crease, a bright blue on the lid, and a green-ish blue glitter liner.


I also used the glitter liner along the lower lash line but it smudged so easily.


It looks a tiny bit metallic and I love it!

What I was most happy about is that the look kind of made my dull, grey eyes look a tiny bit blue too! They are always so flat and look kind of lifeless so that was cool, at least I have found somewhat of an alternative to circle lenses to alter my eye color. Also excuse the resting bitch face, it’s just my natural state.


♥ Here’s what I used 


  1. NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in “Jade” along the lash lines.
  2. A eye shadow packing brush for applying the darker blue shade in the crease. (nr 6.)
  3. A double ended angled brush for applying a darker eye shadow beneath the crystal liner to bring out the color.
  4. Technically an angled crease brush but it is great for blending. It’s from Eco Tools. The other brushes do not have a brand, it was a cheap set I bought on Wish.
  5. Nyx HD Banana Finishing Powder under the eyes and all over the face.
  6. Wet ‘n Wild Eye Shadow in “Lagoon”. Used in the crease.
  7. L’Oreal Color Riche Eye Color Pencil in “Ocean Blue”. Used all over the lid.


8. Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation Powder in Light Beige.
9. Lush Eyes Right Mascara.
10. Mesauda 4ever Brows in “Cinnamon”.
11. Maybelline The Rock NUDES. Only used the marked shade beneath the crystal liner.

♥ And here’s my first impressions! (only including the new items)

NYX Crystal Liner in “Jade”;

It’s a clear liquid with ocean green glitter, basically. I thought it would be a colored liner with glitter chunks but it was definitely not! It did look pretty over a black shadow though and the glitter reflected the light beautifully. I did notice after a while that it made my eyes feel a tiny bit itchy so it’s probably not that great for sensitive eyes like my own.

L’Oreal Color Riche Eye Color Pencil in “Ocean Blue”;

This was extremely pigmented! I only had to lightly rub it all over my lid because it’s very creamy and easy to apply and it gave such a vivid color payoff! It is a bit hard to remove since it sticks to your lids so much but that just ensures that it stays on the whole day. This is a great product and I’m curious about the other shades in the same line.

Wet ‘n Wild Eye Shadow in “Lagoon”;

As expected, this darker blue shadow was somewhat less pigmented than the L’Oreal pencil. It was great for using in the crease to create more depth though and it blended out well. I probably wouldn’t use it on its own since it doesn’t have quite the right shade of blue that I’m looking for but I will continue using it as a crease color.

Mesauda 4ever Brows in “Cinnamon”;

The color wasn’t as much of a mismatch as I thought it would be, but it was waaay too hard. It hurt a lot when trying to use it, and at one time the tip of it broke off, something that sucks since it’s a micro pencil and they don’t come with too much product in the first place. I’m not sure if I would continue using this.

So that was it! Have you ever rocked blue eye shadow or any other bold colors?

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15 responses to A Blue Eye Look & First Impressions Of Nyx + More


    Wowwww your eyes are so bright and beautiful! Like, as in your actual eyeballs lol. The makeup is really pretty too!



    Bold shadows are -the best- for making your eye color pop. You should explore more! 🙂

    Be careful tho, it’s v. v. addictive. I can’t remember the last time I wore a “neutral” shade and didn’t hate it with a passion.

    (Also, apologizing for resting bitch face, whatever for?)



      I used to wear bright green a few years ago.. i just need to find something fairly inexpensive with good pigmentation so that i can justify buying new colors first!

      ( i always get comments like “you should smile more” if i dont mention thats its just how i look so just a preventative measure! 👌 i gave up on online chats because guys wouldnt shut the heck up about it. )



        Oo sounds lovely!

        H&M is good, and quite inexpensive (the high impact single shadows). Especially when they’re on sale, which fairly frequent I’d say.

        Oh. That lot. (I.e. guys.) Should always be met with complete disregard. Possibly, in this particular case, ‘the only way I’ll smile is if you cut me ear to ear’. Consider it your feminist duty! 😉



          Ah cool, i guess i gotta keep an eye out for that then! Or see if h&m sweden ships to norway since that would be cheaper too. Thanks for the suggestion 💕 i wanted wet n wild shadows but the blue wasn’t as pigmented as i thought so not gonna waste my money if the rest is bad too.

          And yeah i know i should disregard it but it has been so much so it got annoying after a while of explaining people why its rude to tell people to smile 😣

          Liked by 1 person


    This is gorgeous! I love all your rings too by the way!


    Michala • Reviews à La Mode June 8, 2017 at 3:06 PM

    You really suit the blue! So pretty ❤

    Liked by 1 person


    You rock that blue colour! I haven’t attempted wearing blue in such a striking way but it really does brighten your eyes. I like that you kept the rest of the look very minimal.



      Thank you! I always hear people say “more is more” but my eyes is the only feature im truly confident about when doing make up so i kinda “forget” the rest!


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