Mini Make Up Haul

Lise —  June 7, 2017 — 5 Comments

I was looking at an online drug store kind of thing for an oil treatment for my hair and ended up with these items too. One was on my beauty wishlist, the others I just couldn’t resist purchasing! Sometimes I think I need a little bit of self control to avoid ending up buying way too much make up. But, a girl has got to treat herself sometimes too, right? Luckily they had a 4-for-3 sale. Here’s what i got, with swatches included at the bottom!


♥NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in “Jade”.

This one was on my wishlist, and I have been wanting it for quite a while! It was also the very last one they had in stock. It was also the cheapest so I got it for free with their 4-for-3 deal. One thing to remember with this is to really shake it up before use because the glitter settles a bit in the bottom if it’s left unused for a longer period of time.


♥ NYX Butter Gloss in “Devil’s food cake”.

This is a creamy, buttery lip gloss that surprisingly doesn’t feel sticky at all! It is a purple shade, way more sheer in color than what I had thought since the packaging is so dark but it still looks very pretty. It’s not transfer proof or anything, which isn’t surprising since it is indeed a gloss.


♥ Mesauda Milano 4ever brows in “Cinnamon”.

This is a micro pencil for your brows that gives very thin and precise strokes. It feels a bit harder than other micro pencils I have used before but it still gives a nice result. The shade Cinnamon is a bit too red-ish brown for me but I can still make it work! Usually I use a very dark brown.


♥ L’Oreal Color Riche Eye Color Pencil in “Ocean Blue”.

This is one of those pencils that double as both a liner and as eye shadow. It feels very creamy and soft, and boy does it stick to your skin. When I was wiping away the swatches, the blue just wouldn’t come off! I guess that means that this will give you a stunning shade that lasts for ages! (At least that’s what I hope for it to do.)


Have you purchased anything fun or interesting lately? Or something you have been wanting for a while?


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5 responses to Mini Make Up Haul


    Love Nyx butter glosses. I just love the formula. Great haul😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person


    Nyx is my favorite brand for lip products ❤


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