Lise —  May 24, 2017 — 22 Comments

Hello! It has been just over two months since I stopped updating my blog and I kind of started to miss having a place to write and I missed keeping up with all of your blogs. So I was thinking to just treat the blog as a place to share things I want to talk about instead of just having it as a pure review blog. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with everyone again and I’m glad to see that most of you are still around! How have you all been?

Uten navn




I'm a 26 year old girl. I love blogging about things like make up, skincare, books, video games, life, home decoration, gardening and whatnot. I love getting to know new people, let's start a conversation!

22 responses to Re-branding?


    That sounds good – welcome back 🙂

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    Good to see you back! 🙂

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    Hi there, good to see you. Been busy but not bad, connecting with people has to be done! 🙂



    It’s good to see you again! I’ve been so busy recently 😧



      Thank you! Aww, i hope you will be less busy soon! 😦 I have been very busy myself, dreaming of a relaxing summer holiday but I cant use my vacation days until september.

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    Glad you are back! 🙂



    Glad you have decided to come back..I know the feeling of missing all the writing editing and once we hit publish, the anticipation of how will the readers will feel about it..Wen I am away for a while due to work or other reasons, I start missing all this after a few days and have to come back and blog about something..💖😚



      It’s good to know that others feel the same way about it! I originally stopped blogging because I felt like i was spending too much money on buying things just to blog about it, so going to try a different approach this time!

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        I know love.. I did read your last post before returning back and I totally understand.. Blogging especially about beauty stuff causes more spending and if there aren’t enough sources to put your word out then all the spending, writing, blogging, review ing doesn’t really seem to be worth it.. I hope you stick around this time and talk about stuff you are genuinely happy about.. Good Luck😚💖



          Ah, right x Yeah it definitely is a lot of spending and if it gets out of control then it’s definitely better to find a new way to go about it to make it worth it. Thanks for your kind words, I’ll try my best to not get discouraged this time around ❤

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    Hey glad you are back! 🙂


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