H&M Face Masks – Purifying And Exfoliating

Lise —  March 1, 2017 — 9 Comments

♥ Charcoal and pumice


Charcoal and pumice is a really thick mud mask full of nutritional and exfoliating ingredients. As it is quite thick, i would really recommend making sure your skin is wet before trying to apply this or else it would be really hard to spread it out properly. It has a dark grey color in the little pot but it shows up a lot lighter on the skin. I could easily get two uses out of this one because it’s so thick. They probably want you to apply it really thickly, but i found a thinner layer to be better and somewhat more beneficial. It also saves you money since you get to use it twice, not that they are all too expensive but it’s always nice to save.

You’re supposed to leave it on for about 10 to 20 minutes, but i honestly just left it on until it was dry, which took closer to 20 minutes. I’m sure it would dry faster if you use less water when applying it though. It made my skin feel firm and nice when it dried down and i thought it was fun to look at it as it cracked when i tried moving my face. I used a scrubbing brush to remove it from my face and it left my face feeling exfoliated and refreshed, i really enjoyed it and i would definitely recommend it for anyone with tired skin.

♥ Liquorice and sugar


This one interested me the most out of the three, mainly because I absolutely love the scent of licorice.  I thought it would kind of have the same muddy texture as the other two masks so that i could use it twice, but this one was more liquefied and I had to use the whole thing at once.  As you can see in the image below, it kind of looks like black tar in the little pot. The pot had been resting on its side in a woven basket of mine so that is why all of the product is gathered in a corner.

It was really easy to spread out on the face and it felt really light weight and nice. I noticed that it felt a bit abrasive when putting it on at first but that’s what it is meant to be! I left it on for 20~ish minutes, I had thrown away the packaging because they take up less space with just the pot, but most of them say somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes so i figured i would be safe with 20. When the time was up, i used my face scrubbing brush to remove it and it left my skin looking kind of red since it was so exfoliating on its own to begin with. The redness didn’t last for long though and my skin felt so soft and moisturized and i couldn’t see or feel any oiliness when I ran my hand over it like an hour later. I definitely recommend this one for those who want a gentle but good scrubbing to reduce the appearance of oils for a while.

♥ Dead Sea mud


This is another mud mask, and surprisingly enough it wasn’t as thick and chunky as the first one mentioned in this post. It definitely has a consitency quite like the L’oreal Purify Clay mask, and it is absolutely lovely! It feels a bit cold at first so it helps calm down your skin right away when you apply it. Like the other two masks, it has exfoliating properties. It’s by no means as rough as the others but it’s still there.

It says on the package that it is for combination skin and i would definitely agree with that! I had the mask on for about 20 minutes, and when i washed it off i could feel a teeny tiny bit of oiliness so I don’t think this would be right for oily skin at all because it nourishes the skin so much. I didn’t use my scrubbing brush for this one, just water and a washing cloth so that could be why i could feel some oiliness here and there. But it is a nice mask for when your skin needs a bit of love and care, so i would definitely recommend this one too!


Have you tried any of the H&M face masks? What do you think of them? 





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9 responses to H&M Face Masks – Purifying And Exfoliating


    Hey lovely review, and thanks for introducing me to these lovely cute masks from H&M. Will see if my local H&M store has these products. Would love to try them.
    Loved reading your post.



    I’ve been curious about these H&M face masks! I want to try that Charcoal and pumice one – good to know a pot is enough for 2 masks.
    Ick, I hate the scent of licorice so I’ll be passing on THAT one! 😛



      It’s very nice indeed! And they’re easy to reseal as long as you don’t tear the lid completely off too! Ah yeah, the licorice one has a pretty strong scent so you definitely wouldn’t like it. x



    I think the H$M one would be perfect for me since I have dry skin! Lovely reviews!! 🙂




    OMGGG!!! I HAVE TO TRY THIS!! ☺☺☺ Thank you so so much! ☺ I didn’t know H&M has stuff like these. ☺



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