A’PIEU x COCORICO Sheet Masks Review

Lise —  February 24, 2017 — 1 Comment


♥ Silk Blanket Mask Gold


These masks are both holographic sheet masks and they look really cool! They have holographic foil on the outside and a jelly infused silk layer on the inside. Once out of the package, this golden variety has a very strong floral scent and i didn’t really care much for that. The mask feels very heavy in your hands, mostly because of the gold foil and it feels equally as heavy on the face. It kind of felt like it was slipping downwards a lot. silk-gold-04

The mask contains ingredients like egg yolk, silk protein, camellia oil and royal jelly extract and is said to give gloss to your skin, to firm it, brighten it and to give moisture. You’re supposed to keep the mask on for about 10 to 20 minutes, because of the scent i couldn’t manage to keep it on for more than 10 at most. It also gave some kind of stinging sensation while i was wearing it too. After i removed it i massaged in the excess and gave it some time to get absorbed completely. My skin felt softer, it was less red than before and it felt more moisturized. I discovered after a while that the moisturized feeling was because it kind of formed a sticky film on top of my skin that refused to dry or absorb, not quite sure why that happened! But overall, it did something for my skin at least so i cannot say it was a complete waste of time.

Would i buy it again? Probably not! If the scent was different it could have been a yes!

♥ Silk Blanket Mask Silver


Like the other one, this is also a holographic foil mask, and it is equally as heavy! When it comes to the scent, however, this smells more like soap and not so much like flowers so it was way easier for me to keep this on for the full 20 minutes. This silver variety does not contain egg yolk, but rather egg whites, hydrolyzed silk proteins, goat milk and peony extracts. It is supposed to brighten, moisturize and smooth out the skin, so it is a completely different formula to the other mask. source

While having it on, i couldn’t feel any stinging, which makes me think that when i felt it with the other, it could have been that they plump the skin to make it feel tighter. It felt like this package contained more serum than the other and the mask kept sliding down further than the other so i ended up sitting with my head tilted back for twenty minutes instead of doing office work like i normally do when using sheet masks. When i was finished i massaged in the excess like i normally do and my skin felt soft and supple and nice. I tried this mask one week after trying the gold variety just so i could see more visible differences between them. In contrast to the other, this one did not leave behind that weird, sticky film on my skin so if i had to recommend just one of these, the silver one would be the way to go!

Would i buy it again? Most likely! It yielded way better results than the previous and it was more comfortable to use.

Have you tried any holographic face masks before?





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