Blogger recognition award #4

Lise —  February 22, 2017 — 12 Comments

Thank you so much to Thebeauty&Foodlab for nominating me! ♥


There seems to be two varieties of this award floating around, one about how you started your blog, and another of your journey as a blogger. I have been nominated for this particular variety once before, so i’ll redo my answer and elaborate on it!

-Thank the blogger who nominated you while providing a link to the blog site.
-Discuss the reason for starting the blog and talk a little bit about it.
-Give 2 advices to fellow bloggers/readers.
-Nominate 15 bloggers who you think deserve this accolade.
-Inform all the nominees by commenting on their blog.

Why I started my blog:

I needed a place to put my thoughts at first, but then i started feeling a bit uncomfortable with sharing so much of them. I don’t like sharing too much of my personal life online, because I have had really bad experiences with it throughout the years. So then, since I had been writing product reviews for a survey page for quite some time beforehand and i realized i loved it, I incorporated that into my blogging instead. I’m really happy that i did because this is still keeping my interest after a few months, something that rarely happens. My blog is now a good mixture between reviews, posts about games, make up, books and whatnot. Hopefully that is still interesting to people.

Advice to new bloggers:

  1. Do not get hung up on the numbers.You might get a lot of visits and likes one day, then fewer the next. That is just how the algorithms work, people are online at certain times, on certain days. Plus if you keep a regular schedule, you will of course get the most views on the days when your posts are published.
  2. Write for yourself, write what makes you happy. Don’t change just because you feel like others expect you to, keep doing you and the people who like that will come around. But if you feel unhappy with your content and you need to change it, don’t worry about what others might think and just do it.
  3. Don’t blog to be ‘famous’, blog because it’s fun.
  4. Take good use of the community! Comment on blogs, like posts, interact with others, you’ll make great acquaintances!

As for nominations, I’ll nominate whoever reads this because I have done this four times now and I don’t want to accidentally re-nominate someone who did this recently! So, you’re next!




I'm a 26 year old girl. I love blogging about things like make up, skincare, books, video games, life, home decoration, gardening and whatnot. I love getting to know new people, let's start a conversation!

12 responses to Blogger recognition award #4


    Great advice babe! 👍🏼



    I really enjoyed your blog post



    What a fun post, thanks for sharing xx

    Caitlin, Beauty & Colour


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