Games I Have Been Loving Lately: Fallout Shelter

Lise —  February 20, 2017 — 8 Comments


When Fallout Shelter was first released in July 2015, I was immediately hooked, but I lost interest very easily. I don’t know why it happened, but I stopped playing for like a year and six months until it now recently got released on xbox one. I thought the console version of it would be really weird after trying the pc version and not liking it as much, but i was pleasantly surprised and I am enjoying it a lot. It might be because it’s more convenient for me to just turn on my xbox and play instead of starting up my pc all of the time.


Basically, what you do in the game is to manage and build your own vault. You have to make sure that you produce enough power, food and water so that your dwellers stay happy. You assign them to the different rooms based on their S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats, with power needing S (Strength), water needing P (Perceptance) and food needing A (Agility). The stats are the same that are used in the main Fallout games so you’ll get a hang of it pretty quickly if you have played any of them beforehand. However, previous experience with the Fallout franchise isn’t really needed, as the game is a simulation rather than aΒ role playing game like the rest.

Apart from producing resources, you can have your dwellers mate to populate the vault, defend and protect the vault from raiders or deathclaw attacks, send them on quests or just have them explore the wasteland. Their survival is not guaranteed so you will have to make sure to build science labs and medical bays to produce Stimpacks and RadAways. If you successfully finish a quest or survive exploring the wasteland for a while you will be awarded with weapons, outfits or junk to craft new items with, along with caps to purchase upgrades and new rooms.

The game did really well during its release, and is still doing so, even if people got upset with the game having microtransactions. However, the only advantages those would give you were either more Vault Tec lunch boxes or Mister Handy to collect resources for you. I haven’t purchased either and I still enjoy the game a whole lot. It also gives you a sense of responsibility when you have to gather resources and manage everything on your own without the help of a robot to do it for you.

I would recommend this game for everyone who enjoys simulations and micromanaging, and if you have an interest in the Fallout franchise in general. Have you played anything interesting lately?Β 





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8 responses to Games I Have Been Loving Lately: Fallout Shelter


    I was addicted to this game for quite some time that I had to uninstall it because it made me stressed out, don’t ask why 0.0
    I got into Mystic Messenger, it’s a dating simulation sorta game. It’s entertaining and I liked how relatable the characters are with their conversations.



      It stresses me out a bit too, especially if i know i wont be able to collect resources as often as i should! Mystic messenger sounds fun, i’ll check it out!



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    I too was actually crazy addicted to this game. Once I woke up I would go straight to the app, on my work breaks, once I finished work I would just sit in the parking lot for like 30 minutes just playing, once I got home straight to the game. Since I was so hooked I decided to buy Fallout4. I’ve found a new addiction. lol. It’s a really addicting game. My fiance is addicted too. He has built all these crazy houses at all his settlements and all this other stuff!



      It’s weird how we can get addicted to things like these so easily! But it’s cool that you both started playing Fallout 4 too! I have spent most of my time building my own vault with the Vault Tec expansion pack, it’s so much fun!

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    Haha I can not start any of these lol cos I will never stop!! πŸ˜› I can be crazy addicted in anything. πŸ˜€


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