Skin food Fresh Masks – Food Therapy

Lise —  February 8, 2017 — 6 Comments

♥ Strawberry


Skinfood is another korean brand that i love, and i have used many products from them through the years. My favorites from the brand have been their BB creams, because they contain a lot of natural ingredients and they have felt very light weight on my skin. So when i saw this strawberry mask on the kollection k website, i was thrilled.


I ordered it, received it in the mail and when i opened the pot i was kind of horrified. The scent was great but the consistency felt just like strawberry jam, and that is not something i really want to put on my face.

In the instructions it says to have a damp or slightly wet20161027_184004 face and then to massage the mask onto your skin. The mask contains those little seeds from the strawberries so it feels slightly exfoliating and nice. But it was as i feared, it does feel like you’re rubbing jam all over. (Not that i have really tried doing that before)

I left the mask on for 15-20 minutes before washing it off and it did leave my skin feeling nice and soft so the exfoliation did something at least. It also contains black sugar that is supposed to be great for dry skin.

If you can get past the consistency, this is a great mask, but i wish they made it feel a bit differently. It’s not all that fun to feel super sticky even if the scent is great. This is probably not a problem for most people, i’m just really weird when it comes to consistencies of things.


  • Gently exfoliates your skin
  • Smells great
  • Easy to wash off afterwards
  • Leaves your skin feeling soft


  • Both looks and feels just like strawberry jam

♥ Rice


Skin food, as you can kind of tell by its name, likes to use natural and food like ingredients for their skin care line. Following the experience with the strawberry mask, i was understandably skeptical to this one too.


Like it says on the packaging, it is a rice based mask. However i did not expect it to feel like literal cold rice pudding on my face. It’s not the worst feeling in the20161222_112721 world, but it’s not the best either! The mask contains pieces of rice grain for added exfoliation and that makes it feels really nice on the skin. I kept it on my face for about twenty minutes before gently rubbing it into the skin to exfoliate it and rinsed it off. When it was all washed off, i was left with a slightly red hue due to the exfoliation, but my skin felt hydrated and refreshed.

As with the strawberry mask, it is recommended to use the mask while your skin is slightly damp, but the consistency was so runny so i decided to not do so or it would probably have slid off my face before i was done with applying it.

So if I ignore the part where it feels like pudding on my face, it was a really good mask! The rice grains helps give it more purpose than just making you feel icky and a pot would probably last for quite a while since you don’t really have to use too much at a time. As you can see in my picture, i kind of used too much and it looked clumpy and weird.


  • You really dont need a lot at a time
  • It’s not too rough on the skin
  • It moisturizes pretty well


  • The texture is a bit weird and unusual





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6 responses to Skin food Fresh Masks – Food Therapy


    Never heard of this before, but looks like good stuff! Thanks for sharing your experience ❤



    Hi there, I cam across your blog and throughly enjoy what I see.. Keep it up! It would be great if we could support each other. I just started my own blog if you would like to check it out:D



    that strawberry jam does look pretty weird to me 😛 not sure I would put it on my face . I don’t mind the rice I think at least rice is not sweet normally . haha thank you for sharing and good to know the results are good.



      It is very weird, yeah! The rice doesn’t really smell like anything so with that one you would only have to get used to the texture so that is a little bit better! x


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