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Lise —  January 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

♥ Aloe Vera

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The effect and benefit of this Aloe mask from Tonymoly is all in the name, it’s20160807_153709 very moisturizing! If my skin could exhale a sigh in relief, it would probably do so when i put on this mask. It has a slightly cold feeling at first but that is great for reducing swelling and whatnot.

It smells really fresh and clean and it is a real treat to wear it for the required 20 to 30 minutes, the same amount of time as for their Tea tree mask. The mask is slightly too big, but that has become such a usual occurrence that it doesn’t really phase me anymore until i look at the pictures. It makes me laugh though!

After the allotted time was up, (i had it on for the full thirty minutes), i massaged most of the excess serum into the skin on my face and on my neck. My skin really felt vitalized and refreshed once it had all been absorbed so i would definitely recommend this mask if your skin just needs that extra moisture and you don’t want to spend all that much on high end masks.

My only regret with this mask was only buying a few, because now i’m all out. Luckily, i have a lot of other masks to try out while i wait for my paycheck so i can put it a new order.


  • Has a cooling effect at first until the sheet adapts to your body temperature.
  • Very moisturizing and helps if you need a little boost.
  • The longer wear time helps the serum absorb more.


  • Just the size, really, nothing else to say!

♥ Tea Tree

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One of my favorite products to be used in any kind of skin care is Tea tree oil. It has great antiseptic and cleansing properties and my skin loves it so much. So when i saw this mask, i was overjoyed. There is a lot of serum in the pack and i actually managed to spill some onto my shirt because it started dripping from the sheet mask. 20160727_131605

I think this was the largest sheet i have used yet, so it made my face look all droopy with it
on, but it was okay, i didn’t feel any discomfort at all. The mask had a very pleasant smell too so that was a big plus! On the instructions, it said to leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes, ten minutes longer than most masks I have tried.

I kept it on for the full amount of time and i couldn’t really tell any difference from the 20 minute masks i usually use. My skin felt just as wet and sticky as usual so the extra time doesn’t really make the skin absorb any more of the serum.

Compared to sheet masks I have used in the past, this serum was easier to massage into the skin and i didn’t have to wipe off as much as i usually do. My skin did feel soothed and soft, so i was pleased with the result. I will most likely repurchase this.


  • A lot of serum in the package so you know you wont get cheated.
  • The mask is easy to unfold, easy to apply.
  • It stays in place the whole time, even over your lips.


  • It was too big for my face so a lot got stuck in my hair
  • If it gets on your clothes it can make the fabric feel a bit weird






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