Elder Scrolls Fan Theories: You are a Dwemer?

Lise —  January 7, 2017 — Leave a comment

Sometimes we find theories that are a bit wacky, or some that doesn’t even sound plausible. But a fan theory is a fan theory, and I’m eager to share more!

Disclaimer; I do not want to sound condescending towards anyone who comes up with these theories, it’s all in good fun and i really enjoy reading what they write.

1. The Dwemer escaped Nirn and entered our world, the games are made to be actual Elder Scrolls.

In my previous post about fan theories, i presented a few plausible theories about the Dwemer, theories that were actually lore friendly and would make sense, but this one is just all sorts of crazy. Here is an excerpt from the original text.

When we purchase a copy of The Elder Scrolls, we are doing it more literally than we realize. The games aren’t named after the artifact within them; the games are the artifact. They are The Elder Scrolls. They are items which we can use to see how every choice made by a single character can influence it’s world, minutely or on a grand scale. They are windows into every possible occurrence within that world. The Elder Scrolls are the Elder Scrolls.

Some contributed to the conversation by saying the Dwemer escaped to our reality, created an optical computer for us to read the Elder Scrolls without being injured. Now, the tool they do use is what we know as a lexicon, so that is as far away from computers as you can get.

On the wiki it says that only technological aid can let you read the Elder Scrolls unharmed. Now the Dwemer are supposed to have invented a device that does this, and if you follow this theory it means only one thing: the Dwemer invented the Computer.

I do not believe in it, not one bit, but it would be kinda cool if turned to actually be true.

2. Miraak was the author of ‘Letter from a Friend’?

The Dragonborn receives this letter after completing “Dragons rising”, and before the Dragonborn DLC was released, people were speculating about the mystical, masked man. They speculated that Miraak sent the letters to encourage the Dragonborn to get stronger so that he would have a worthy opponent to fight.

Another theory is that it is Hermaeus Mora himself that sends the letters, seeing as he wants the Dragonborn to eliminate Miraak and be his new Champion. There has been no official statements about any of this so it will remain a mystery.

3. Tamriel is Earth?

Another theory that is a bit ‘out there’. I’ll include the original text below since its fairly short.

What if…

Tamriel was Earth, long abandoned?

Like, if the Elder scrolls were super computers that store knowledge way beyond human comprehension?

Or if dragons were scientifically resurrected dinosaurs that could understand human speech?

What if the races of Elves were genetically altered humans?

And magic was simply science?

Freezing of Atmora? Polar ice caps expanding do to less pollution.

And the Daedra were aliens from another dimension?

What if the destruction of Yokuda, the Redguards’ home continent was nukes :nuke: ?

And the ability to use the Thu’um? Scientifically altered vocal cords!

Anyone one else have crazy theories about Skyrim or Tamriel and tamriel they’d like to share?

Im so envious of how imaginative fans can be sometimes. To even have the imagination to think of something like this would be great, but it would also result in me being incredibly paranoid about everything. If all of this has happened in real life, on Earth, I’m pretty sure we would know about it already, unless it is treated like Area 51. It would have been cool if it was on Earth in the games, but i, personally, want fantasy games to have their own universes. I play games to escape reality, not alter it.

4. Skeletons are weak because people didn’t want to drink milk.

This is the most hilarious theory of them all. Throughout the games, people always call others weak and ‘milk drinkers’, as if drinking milk was a bad thing. In this post they write about this, that skeletons simply are the weakest enemy because no one wanted to drink milk and be seen as weak themselves. So in the end their bones are really weak because they never received the nutrient they needed and that actually kind of makes sense. I’m sure that people have thought of this before, but it was hilarious enough for me to want to share it.




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