Facial care Friday! 30/12

Lise —  December 30, 2016 — 3 Comments

This week: Formula 10.0.6 Be Berry Bright exfoliating mud mask


When i was shopping for face masks from H&M, i got this one recommended for me by the store clerk there. I haven’t heard of the brand before but sheย was praising it and said it was one of the best mud masks she had ever tried, so of course i had to purchase it too. I’m not one to doubt people when they recommend me something, maybe i should be more skeptical in the future.

Luckily i was not disappointed by this product at all! Upon20161216_123540 application i noticed tiny dark spots in the light green mask that i discovered was ground green coffee! I have heard a lot about the benefits of green coffee so i got really excited. I didn’t really read the tube all that thoroughly, but it would have been explained that it was in it if i had. Green coffee has benefits like anti-aging, moisturisation and its an anti-oxidant and we can’t get enough of those.It also brightens dull skin and clears the pores, something a lot of peopleย care a lot about.

When you apply it, it feels kind of gritty but it’s not really a bad feeling at all, it smells great too! It feels cooling and calming on the skin and it dries up to be almost clear, with only the pieces of green coffee visible on your skin.

The mask was fairly easy to remove, you just treat it like any other mud mask. I used a washing cloth with lukewarm water to gently wipe it all off and my skin felt so refreshed after. I would definitely repurchase this when i run out. It lasts quite a while too because it’s a big tube with enough for multiple applications. I also got recommended to use it on my neck, but my skin is a lot more sensitive there so I don’t think i would try that.

There isn’t really that much else to say about this mask since it has worked so well for me.


  • Great smell!
  • Feels good on the skin, and it feels like it’s actually working
  • Easy to apply, easy to remove


  • Could possibly be a bit too rough for people with sensitive skin.



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3 responses to Facial care Friday! 30/12


    I have two masks from this brand that I got at ulta and they are both good!! One is a strawberry one that smells amazing and the other is a grittier pore care mask. That one is a little more drying but I still dig it!

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