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Disclaimer; Norway’s Glossybox might differ a bit from, for example, the american ones. We are very particular about products and everything apparently needs to be made for Nordic hair and skin and whatnot. Luckily we get products to try that we don’t necessarily see in stores here all the time. I’ve heard about a couple of the brands, mainly from watching other Glossybox unboxing videos. I also pay for the boxes out of my own pocket, so this post is not sponsored in any way.


Decembers theme is The Pink Diamond Box, and it is really, really pretty! It also came in a pink outer casing so that was cool. They write on the card that it is made to empower and celebrate all of the strong individuals who make Glossybox possible.


♥ HOLLISTER – Wave For Her


This is a perfume sample, also the first one i have gotten in any box. I’m slightly allergic to perfume and i can’t really use anything but body mists so i will not be using this one. It smells a bit floral and nice though. I’d see this as a summer scent rather than a winter scent.

Not adding in any value here since perfume samples are free 90% of the time.

♥ NAILBUDDYS – Nail Polish Silver


This is a pretty silver glittery nail polish. It is not full sized, but rather a travel sized so it’s perfect to bring with you in your bag. I really like the color, it matches most of my choker necklaces.

This is a travel size, the original is worth 90 NOK / ~$10.

♥ HAIRON – De-Tangling Brush


This is an egg shaped brush that is said to fit perfectly in your hand and that will de-tangle your hair without causing any strain on it. I rarely believe in everything that these brushes promise, I’m curious to see what it does though.

This is a full sized product and it is worth 80 NOK / ~$9.

♥ GARNIER – Moistube Bomb Tissue Mask


Tissue, or sheet masks as they are also called, are super popular but most of them are from various Asian brands. It’s exciting to finally get to try a more ‘local’ one.

This is a full sized product and it is worth 29 NOK / ~$3

♥ MDMFLOW – Semi Matte Lipstick ‘Bossy’


This is as it says, a semi matte, creamy lipstick. It comes in a brown nude color and i think it looks really nice. Most of the nude lipsticks i have are rather orange so having a more neutral color is nice.

This is a full sized product and it is worth 199 NOK / ~$23

I think this box has had the lowest value so far, but i do like the products i received so i cannot really complain. It just kind of sucks that a perfume sample counts as a whole item and not as a bonus. The total value, if the nail polish was full sized, would have been 398 NOK / ~$45, which is about twice the value of the box price. So it’s not bad, just a lower value than other months!

Do you subscribe to any boxes?





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    Bossy lipstick ❤



    Great items there! Loving that nude lipstick!! 🙂


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