Facial care Friday! 16/12

Lise —  December 16, 2016 — 1 Comment

This week: A’PIEU Pore Deep Clear Mud Mask


When i first noticed this product on the Kollection K website i was so confused. I expected it to be a fluid mask, not a sheet mask. It is a two-piece mask that is infused with mud, apparently.

When i first pulled it out of the packaging, i was so confused since i thought it would be like a satchel with liquid product in it! It had clear plastic on one side and a white paper on the other. The white side was to be taken off first, then you place the mask on your face (i had to cut it a bit at the top to make it fit) and lastly you pull off the outer, clear plastic. You leave it on your face until it’s dry and that’s it.20161209_131834

To me it felt like how you played with plaster cast when you were younger. We made cast masks when i was in middle school and the feeling this mask gave me when it dried was pretty much identical. It dries up to become really hard, though it’s not really uncomfortable. It makes it pretty much impossible for you to move any part of your face though.

I also noticed that after i removed it, it left behind a gray residue from the  mud that i had to use a toner to get rid of. Luckily it was easy to remove, or else i would look pretty dirty for a while.


  • Easy to apply
  • Dries up fairly quickly (~20 mins)
  • Easy to remove, minimal cleaning required
  • Left my skin feeling fresh and clean


  • A bit too stiff when it dries
  • Feels a bit heavy on your face


Have you tried a mud sheet mask before?





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One response to Facial care Friday! 16/12


    Never seen a mask like this, but I love this brand! I’ll keep my eyes peeled 👀


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