12 Days of Christmas blogging – Day 8

Lise —  December 16, 2016 — Leave a comment


Day 8. Share a local Christmas tradition in your town or country

Well.. the first thing that comes to mind is one that happens about a week before Christmas, in Norwegian it is called Nissefest or Juletrefest. Everyone gathers at the community center and they serve rice pudding with cinnamon, sugar and butter for free. This is something that is arranged mainly for the children, because after everyone finishes eating, they sing Christmas songs, hold hands while walking around a massive Christmas tree and after that someone dressed as Santa shows up to hand out bags of candy to the children.

I really enjoyed this when i was younger and i wish it was possible to participate still as an adult. But since i don’t have children of my own, i would just go for the free rice pudding and that’s not as fun. I will definitely participate if i have any children one day though!


The image is borrowed from google, but that’s pretty much how it was, holding hands and singing Christmas songs while walking around the tree!

Does your town/country have any particular traditions?




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