Facial care Friday! 25/11

Lise —  November 25, 2016 — 2 Comments

This week: A’PIEU Steam Eye Mask


This is an eye mask, its kind of like those sleeping masks you use to shut out any light. This particular design, as you can see below, kind of looks like a panty liner of sorts. But apart from that it is pretty cool! On the package it says to use immediately after opening and that is because it contains some voodoo magic science thing i don’t understand. It automatically heats up to ca 42 degrees celsius when you take it out of the pack and you’re supposed to keep it on your eyes until it cools down. The cool down process takes about twenty minutes and during that time it basically acts like a sauna. It might sound horrifying to steam your eyes but it really helps to refresh them and make them relax.

I was horrified of burning my eyes off at first but when i got past the initial reaction i really enjoyed the experience. My eyes felt nice and relaxed and i actually ended up keeping the mask on for way longer than recommended because i fell asleep. But that is no problem since it cools down on its own so no need to worry about burning anything with it.

I would recommend this for anyone who would like to try something fun and relaxing, something a bit different from what you probably are used to because it’s cheap and it is quite the experience.



  • Easy to wear, comes with convenient ear straps
  • Doesn’t heat up too fast
  • Cools down on its own so no need to worry about having it on for too long


  • The design, it would probably be better to use a different pattern.


Have you tried anything like this before?Ā 




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2 responses to Facial care Friday! 25/11


    Lol it does look like a panty liner šŸ˜‚


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