Top 5 : Things that makes me feel the Christmas spirit

Lise —  November 23, 2016 — 11 Comments
  1. Chris Rea’s “Driving home for Christmas“. Christmas doesn’t officially begin for me until they play it on the radio here. It’s also the only Christmas song i don’t get tired of no matter how many times i listen to it.
  2. Outdoor lights! It always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when i see that people have actually put an effort into outdoor lighting during the dark winter months. I don’t live in an actual city so i don’t get to see those super decorated shopping streets that most people get to see.
  3. Hot chocolate. I only drink this during the winter months, and i make my own with rice milk, cocoa powder and a tiny bit of sugar. The rice milk is sweet enough on its own so the sugar isn’t really necessary. Its even better with a marshmallow or two in it too.
  4. Driving during the morning, just as the sun rises. The snow always sparkles and starts to drip a bit as it melts and i just love that kind of scenery. It really makes the morning commute to work a lot better.
  5. Web pages that changes their design to embrace the holiday spirit. I love it when blogs and online sites customize everything to fit the holidays. It’s a weird thing to like but that’s just how it is.


What makes you excited for Christmas?




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11 responses to Top 5 : Things that makes me feel the Christmas spirit


    I like the website thing too! There are also some apps/casual games where they do that update and it’s just.. nice 😀



    I change my blog colours for the holidays. I haven’t done it this year yet but it’s matter of days! 😛 It’s so fun.
    When I start seeing holiday gift sets at the stores, I definitely feel the Christmas spirit!



    Holidays are special. I love this time of season too. I enjoy the Christmas lights and the decoration.



    Definitely the lights and seeing decorated trees at some stores

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    Reading this totally put me in the Christmas spirit! Couldn’t agree with you more!! 🙂 ❤


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