Facial care Friday! 11/11

Lise —  November 11, 2016 — Leave a comment

This week: Skinfood Egg white pack


When i first saw this i was like “Oh no, not another one of those horrible fabric-y nose patches that dry up and hurt to take off.”

Luckily, this wasn’t like that at all, this is literally a hydro20161008_094503gel nose patch infused with egg whites. I had no idea what makes egg whites so great for your skin, going into this, but apparently, after some research i found out it helps cool down your nose and reduce swelling, and it minimizes pores. I know everyone, or most want to do that, according to the multiple pore reducing products that are on the market now.

As with most products, you were to keep this on for 10-15 minutes, then remove it, use a toner and then moisturize your face. After using a couple of these i couldn’t really tell much of an immediate difference, but my nose felt a little bit smoother and nicer the day afterΒ i used it. Not sure if that was just because of the toner water and moisturizer but it that is what i experienced, at least.

I guess it is silly to expect so much from a small hydrogel patch, but if they promise to do something, i sure as heck would like to see some proper results. I know it was quite inexpensive but i have could have spent that money on something better to try and review.


  • Seemed like it made my skin feel a bit softer
  • Reduced a tiny bit of swelling


  • Doesn’t do much else, doesn’t deliver what it promises.


Have you tried any disappointing products lately?Β 




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