Facial care Friday! 4/11

Lise —  November 4, 2016 — 4 Comments

This week: L’Oreal Pure clay purify mask


The purifying mask is the first i have tried from L’oreal, from what i know, they released three different clay masks at the same time. In my local store they only had Purify and Glow, i think there is one for exfoliation too. I will get around to trying all of20160922_112519 them, eventually!

This one in particular is a light green color, and it is meant to purify your skin. When i applied it, it felt really cold, but it was a nice feeling once it started to dry up. However, the color it changed to while drying, a darker green, made it look like my face was moldy, so that is one thing i don’t particularly enjoy about this mask.

The mask contains three different types of clay, who in turn have different properties.

  • Kaolin, absorbs oil and preps the skin.
  • Montmorillonite, deals with impurities and helps with blood circulation.
  • Ghassoul, cleanses and exfoliates the skin.

The mask also contains eucalyptus, i suppose that is what gives off that cooling feeling on the skin. You’re supposed to have the mask on for 5 to 10 minutes, then wash it off. I found the washing off process to be the most difficult part. To actually get it off, i had to scrub pretty hard with my wash cloth and it left my face feeling red and kind of sore. I used a lot of water so that was not the problem. If it was easier to wash off, it would probably be better, for me, at least! Apart from that, it made my skin feel really refreshed and nice.


  • Easy to apply, and easy to clean if you accidentally make a mess.
  • Feels cooling for your skin
  • Makes your skin feel refreshed and clean afterwards
  • Is kind of a bargain, i can get several uses out of it, and the price is not bad.


  • A bit hard to remove after the allotted time is up
  • Can be uncomfortable if you’re not used to masks drying up and making your face kind of stiff
  • The color it changes to, not appealing to have moldy cheeks.


Have you tried their clay masks? What do you think about them?





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4 responses to Facial care Friday! 4/11


    Brilliant review I really want to try these! 👌🏼

    http://pixiebeautybible.com 💕



    I’ve always loved l’oreal facial products ❤


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