Empties #1

Lise —  October 26, 2016 — 10 Comments

I usually never think about keeping any empty containers, bottles or tubes because i always have to clean everything, so this has been hard to prepare for! The products will be listed from left to right, just so you can know which one I’m talking about.

20161008_220802_001De Bruyere – After sun milk
I received this in my Glossybox for July, and i used it up during the remaining days of the summer. It was really nice to apply after a long day out in the sun and it smelled great. Would i repurchase this? Most likely.

Schwarzkopf – BB 11 in 1 hair beautifier
This is a leave-in treatment for your hair! I did a review on it which you can read here.
Would i repurchase this? I don’t think so, it had a steep price.

Lush – Tea Tree Water
I go through quite a few bottles of this each year, it’s my favorite toner water, hands down! You can read a review for it here.
Would i repurchase this? Absolutely!

Calypso – SPF 30 lip balm
I use two of these every summer, i love it! It provides moisture, it keeps my lips protected, it’s not too expensive and it doesn’t have any particular taste to it so it’s perfect to wear whenever.
Would i repurchase this? Not this season, but definitely next summer.


L’Oreal – Color Riche Natural Blondes 235 Nude
This lipstick was great at first, a good nude for my lips, but eventually it got kind of oily when i applied it and it wouldn’t sit as well on my lips at all.
Would i repurchase this? Probably not.

A’PIEU – Banana Hand Cream
This was one of those products i didn’t know i needed in my life until i smelled it. I don’t know what it is with me and that banana candy-ish scent, but i absolutely love it in anything. The hand cream itself was pretty average, but the scent made it worth it for me.
Would i repurchase this? Maybe, if i get a craving for bananas again.

Hawaiian Tropic – Satin Protection sun cream
This is a lovely, tropic smelling sun cream that i got in a Glossybox! It’s quite a generous sample and it lasted me a long time, even if i was using it every day.
Would i repurchase this? Probably yes, next summer!

Lush – Santa’s Belly shower jelly
This is one of Lush’s seasonal products. I in particular purchased mine from the kitchen. I haven’t posted a review about it yet but it is scheduled.
Would i repurchase this? Maybe if i got a better batch.


What have you used up lately?




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10 responses to Empties #1


    I like Witch Hazel toner. I think I’ve been using it for 2 years now. I kept re-purchasing it. I like it a lot. I want to try Lush Tea Trea Water now.



    I love love the tea tree water too!! 🙂



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