A’PIEU Full of nature mascara review

Lise —  October 17, 2016 — 2 Comments


This mascara only comes in an absolutely adorable travel size and is decorated with flowers. I guess that works well with the name, ‘full of nature’. On the product page where i purchased it, it says it is long lasting, smudge and budge proof, and i can say that its all true! I usually avoid washingย mascaraย off and i leave it on overnight when i first try a new one on and it did hold up pretty well.


The mascara wand separated my lashes and coated them evenly and i really liked the way it felt on my eyes. I’m going to miss it when i eventually run out since it’s such a small size. But with the price it had, i wont be hesitant to repurchase it. As with all mascaras, it didn’t give my lashes any curl at all, they still stuck straight out as usual, as you can see in the picture below.


It’s not a bad mascara, and i would recommend it if you are in a pinch and want something cheap, or just something that is small and convenient to keep in your purse or bag. The only downside to the size is that i thought i had lost it a few times, but it was just me who was bad at looking for it!

What is your favorite mascara?

This product is purchased from Kollection K.




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2 responses to A’PIEU Full of nature mascara review


    I’ve never tried anything from A’Pieu – I only know it’s a Korean brand. So I’m guessing it’s really inexpensive? This looks like it could be a good mascara for casual days.
    My favourite mascara is from CoverGirl – the Lash Blast Volume in the fat orange tube!



      Yeah it’s pretty inexpensive, i think i paid a bit over 2 USD for it! I’ve been bringing it with me in my bag so it’s really good to keep around just in case.
      I haven’t been able to try anything from covergirl yet but i’ve heard a lot of good things about their products. x


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