Hyped for the special edition!

Lise —  October 12, 2016 — 8 Comments


On the 28th of October I’m so ready to fall in love again! For a while now, we have known that Bethesda is going to remaster The elder scrolls V: Skyrim, and I have just gotten more and more excited.

The game has been my number one favorite ever since it was released on 11/11/11, and I have lost count on how many hours i have spent playing it.. Last time i checked, quite some time ago it was over 2000 hours, which is quite insane! I have probably invested more time into other games too, but let’s not go into that…

With that said, i don’t know if i’ll clock in as many hours just because it’s remastered, but i’m excited to see how the game would feel with “up to date” graphics. I have tried a lot of graphic mods, but having the base game looking like them would be nice. And i think mods are coming to xbox one so that is exciting! Until now, i’ve played both on my old ps3 without mods, and on PC with mods. However, playing on ps3 was so dreadful, the loading screens took literally ages.

I’m just really excited and wanted to share, it has been such a big part of my life for almost five years, it feels like my child at this point, or something. I’m weird, i know! But look at the comparison, it’s beautiful! I wonder what the meshes for the npc’s will look like.



Are you looking forward to anything this year?




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8 responses to Hyped for the special edition!


    Skyrim was an amazing game. I only played it on Xbox One.

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    I am still debating whether or not to return…but I probably shall.



    It looks beautiful. 2000 hrs. holy! That’s awesome. 🙂


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