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Disclaimer; Norway’s Glossybox might differ a bit from, for example, the american ones. We are very particular about products and everything apparently needs to be made for Nordic hair and skin and whatnot. Luckily we get products to try that we don’t necessarily see in stores here all the time. I’ve heard about a couple of the brands, mainly from watching other Glossybox unboxing videos. I also pay for the boxes out of my own pocket, so this post is not sponsored in any way.


This month’s box is a beautiful burgundy color, perfect for fall! Even if it’s September’s box, i feel like this would be more appropriate for October. I guess that doesn’t matter for me because i always receive the box the next month either way.


In contrast to last month’s box which was extremely heavy, this one felt like nothing! Luckily it has some good quality products or else i would have been very disappointed.


The BrowGal – Tonya Crooks
This is a clear and water resistant brow gel. I don’t have any brow gels so this will be nice to try. The size is pretty good, a full size is 6.5 ml and the one i received says it’s 5 ml so there isn’t much difference from the full sized product.

This is a deluxe sized sample. The full product (6.5 ml) is worth 195 NOK / ~$24.50


504 Rose Gold Large Angled Brush – Luxie.
This is described as a soft, fluffy brush that is perfect for contour, blush or whatever else you use it for. It is vegan and cruelty free and i’m looking forward to using it.

This is a full sized product and it is worth 159 NOK / ~$20


Golden skin roll-on caviar eye gel – Etre Belle
This is a roll-on for your under-eye bags and whatnot, it is cooling and calming and will make you look more awake.

This is a deluxe sized sample (10 ml), the full product (15 ml) is worth 395 NOK / ~$50


Secret flush – Universal beauty
This is a blush and liptint in one. The product is really small so i would imagine it would be good for travelling. It is full sized however, even if the part i have screwed up in the picture above is the entirety of the product.

This is a full sized product and it is worth 199 NOK / ~$25


Colour attack foiled eyeshadow – Affect cosmetics
This is a beautiful eyeshadow. I love anything gold and metallic and this will be perfect for fall! It can also be used for highlighter since it’s very easy to layer up. I could honestly not have gotten a better color.

This is a full sized product and it is worth 59 NOK / ~$7


If all of the products were full sized, the total value for the box would have been 1007 NOK / ~$127, which would have been pretty insane since the box “only” costs 179 NOK / ~$21. The value is still pretty great since the products are so close to being full sized, so i’m not disappointed at all!


Do you subscribe to any boxes?




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    I’ve used a similar roll-on eye gel by garneir, it’s super useful



      Ooh cool, it sounds more affordable than this one so I’ll definitely check it out! This one costs the same as my car insurance every month so i cant see myself investing that much in just one skin care product haha



    Aah mine is just around a hundred dollars less when taxes are added at the end of the year



    The roll on eye gel looks interesting! Great stuff there 🙂

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