Schwarzkopf Extra Care BB 11 in 1 Hair beautifier review

Lise —  September 10, 2016 — 2 Comments


On the left my hair is slightly damp and all natural, on the right is after using the balm, with my hair a bit drier. 

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“11 BENEFITS in 1 STEP – for immaculately beautified hair with sensual suppleness and supreme shine! This hair beautifying innovation provides: 1. Anti-Breakage 2. Split Ends Protection 3. Silky Softness 4.Diamond Shine 5. Strength Against Damage 6. Frizz Control 7. Immediate Detangling 8. Deep Nourishment 9. Natural Volume 10.Moisture Sealing 11. Supreme Repair.”

That’s what Schwarzkopf has to say about their product on their web page, that it is miraculously going to provide you with eleven benefits. What the product is, is a moisturizer for your hair, a leave in conditioner, if you would rather call it that. You’re supposed to either massage it into the lengths and tips of damp hair or dry if you would rather do it that way.

It says on the package to use it daily but i found that to make my hair slightly greasy. Instead i use it in my hair every time i wash it, every 2-4 days and that is so much better for me. I massage it into my hair while its damp and either let it air dry or just quickly use my blow dryer for a minute or two then comb through it.

I don’t know if it has given me all eleven benefits now that i have finished a tube of it but my hair feels a bit smoother and it doesn’t frizz as easily as it used to, so it did something at least! It wasn’t too expensive either so i would recommend it if you’re interested in trying it, maybe it will give you even better results.


  • Worked as an anti frizz conditioner
  • Made my hair noticeably softer and gave it some volume.
  • Also gave a little bit of heat protection


  • Can make my hair very greasy if i use it daily like the packaging suggests.
  • Didn’t really show anything else like the diamond shine or supreme repair.



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2 responses to Schwarzkopf Extra Care BB 11 in 1 Hair beautifier review

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