Living with a disability

Lise —  August 20, 2016 — 1 Comment

Here’s a story that not too many know, what happened in my childhood and up until today.

On a dreadful day, August 10th, 1999, 7 year old me was out playing with my neighbor and when it was time for dinner i was riding my bike home. What i didn’t do was putting on my helmet, only keeping it hanging from the handlebar and unfortunately the strap swung into the tire and made me fall over. The horrible part of it was that it happened just as a big trailer was passing me and of course i fell right into it.

I got the short end of the stick, got ran over and almost lost my leg in the process. I was admitted to the hospital and stayed there for months, years, doing reconstructive surgery on my left leg, transplanting skin from my thighs and the rest of my ‘good’ leg. I was bound to a wheelchair for a couple years, then i was walking on crutches for another few years. I had to completely learn how to walk again and it was a long, long process. I was going in and out of hospitals doing check ups until i turned 18, when i got the choice to not return. My leg has not completely healed, and it has never been built up to be the same size as my normal leg so there is a noticeable difference in thickness. I never let this stop me though, i try to live my life just the way i want to.. The biggest downside is that my skin is too thin to handle direct sunlight so i have to keep my legs covered.

In theory, i’m only considered 30% disabled by now since i’m able to walk on my feet, but i choose to ignore it in its entirety. I would rather be able to work even if i get tired, living off of welfare would not have been my thing. I don’t really ever elaborate on my story to anyone, but it feels good to share it with someone at least. I have repressed most of my memories, but i kept a journal through most of the journey so i’m basically retelling my own words. I’m not doing this to get any sympathy at all, i just wanted to share.

Have you had any traumatic experiences? How did you cope? 




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One response to Living with a disability


    Wow, you have been through a lot for being so young. Keep your chin up and live your life the best you can.


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