Iroha Radiant in 15 Min foot mask review

Lise —  July 21, 2016 — 2 Comments


After the success i had with the Baby foot mask, i was eager to try on another one. I’m always on my feet and they always need some pampering so when i found this, i just had to try it. It’s from a brand called Iroha and it is supposed to repair the skin on your feet and also your toenails.


There is one pair of socks in the package. They’re ‘stitched’ together so you just rip them apart and put them on your feet and leave them there for fifteen minutes. The socks kind of feel like a raincoat on the outside, and on the inside there is a mesh fabric soaked in some kind of serum that will work on your skin.


After fifteen minutes you’re supposed to gently massage the left over serum into the skin after you remove the socks and it will revive your feet. However, the result i got was not even close to what i got from the Baby foot socks. My skin was a little bit more moisturized but apart from that i couldn’t feel any difference.

I was mildly disappointed to say the least. My feet always need some kind of relief so ‘wasting’ fifteen minutes on this made me sad. I just hope i can find something else that could work because treatments like these are so necessary in my daily life to keep my feet refreshed.



  • Cooling effect
  • Easy to use, easy to remove


  • Didn’t do much else than slightly moisturizing the skin
  • A bit pricey for doing so little

Have you tried these before?

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2 responses to Iroha Radiant in 15 Min foot mask review


    Never heard of this, sounds interesting. Great honest review 🙂


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