Björn Axén deep conditioner review

Lise —  July 17, 2016 — 4 Comments


I have never really been a fan of deep conditioners/hair masks, i have always kind of thought that they were just a hoax and a waste of money but boy was i wrong! What i thought was lies was actually great for my hair and i regret not venturing into the world of hair conditioning products sooner.

I got my hands on this tub of deep conditioner for a quite good price and i was kind of won over by the scent. It smells really clean, and i do love clean scents, it’s one of my favorites. You know, like faint citrus scents and clean linen and whatnot? Yeah i love that.

I know you can’t really judge a product based upon its scent but if it doesn’t smell clean, i probably wont use it. I’m glad i chose this one though, i don’t have to use too much to cover my hair and it only needs to stay in my hair from 3 to 5 minutes, after shampooing and before using my normal conditioner.

The first time i used it i was blown away. I thought my hair was healthy and conditioned but it was quite obviously not. When i used my blow dryer and my hair finally dried up, i was so amazed by how soft my hair felt. The scent overpowered my conditioner and really lingered in my hair for a long while too. I have been using the deep conditioner once a week now and my hair feels and looks so much healthier and it has lessened the frizz too.

If you have hair that requires moisture and care, you should give this one a try, if you can find it. I’m looking forward to trying other hair masks or conditioners in the future when this one runs out. I think that would be a long time though, since a little really goes a long way. You can see how much is left in the picture on the bottom here, and I’ve had this tub for a month and a half, so I’ve used it six times so far.


Do you have any deep conditioners to recommend? 

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4 responses to Björn Axén deep conditioner review


    I was using deep conditioners religiously for years, I’m currently trying a different approach, but I still think very fondly of the Maria Nila repair masque.



      What are you trying now then? 🙂 And thank you, I’ll definitely check it out!



        Basically I’m trying a complete reset, i.e. using as few products as possible. I was addicted to the straightener + washing my hair every single day for years, and that finally took its toll, so now I’m on a strict diet of 2 washes a week (one hydrating shampoo wash, one chelating shampoo wash), no products unless you count oils (no hairspray, no nothing). Not that I think a deep conditioner is damaging, I just don’t want my hair to get used to it, if that makes sense?

        That being said. I’m planning on getting one of these:, and use maybe once a month, tops. I’m thinking that way I won’t start over-using, because I have so little of it.



          I see, i did something similar a while back, now i’ve fallen back into the whole haircare routine.. I still try to only wash my hair once or twice a week though, its easier when it’s not summer..

          It does make sense! Keeping it simple is probably best for your hair, and it really does give it time to regenerate and regain its natural strength instead of relying on supplements. Argain oil sounds like a good idea, i don’t think anyone’s hair would suffer from using it now and then 🙂


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