Icona Milano Emotion Allowed mascara review

Lise —  July 14, 2016 — 1 Comment

iconamilanoThe Icona Milano mascara was one of the products i received in my Glossybox for the month of June, and i really liked it! It is a waterproof, lightweight mascara and it is really easy to apply. My lashes never curl so i like just having a light coat of mascara on so my lashes wont look too droopy.

I found that slightly wiggling the applicator back and forth when applying the mascara gave me the best results. It separated my lashes and it didn’t apply too much of the mascara so there was no indication that it would give me those unwanted ‘spider legs’ lashes that most mascaras do.


As you can see above, it gave me just the amount of mascara i needed to give my lashes some definition, and as you can see below, my lashes do not curl at all no matter what i try to do so it kind of doubles as an eyeliner. It is mildly annoying and a blessing at the same time.  I have considered investing in false lashes but i hate the feeling of having them on, i haven’t been able to go for longer than a couple of hours when i have tried them before.


It is also most definitely waterproof. I had just finished a shower in the images below and i had rubbed my face and my eyes in an attempt to remove my makeup, the mascara did not budge. I got maybe a flake or two falling off but it just wouldn’t let go of my lashes. I ended up having to borrow some Micellar water make up remover from my sister to get it off. I guess i need to invest in a tougher make up remover than just the wipes i normally use..


So all in all, it’s a long lasting, really waterproof mascara that will be a new staple product for me and i will most likely repurchase it when i run out, unless i find something better in the meanwhile.



  • Easy to apply
  • Lightweight
  • Lasts forever if you don’t get any oils near it


  • Made my eyes slightly red after a full day of wearing it
  • Is a bit hard to remove if you don’t have a heavy duty make up remover


Have you tried the Icona Milano mascara before?

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