Book recommendation; Metro 2033.

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Metro 2033 is written by Dmitry Glukhovsky and was first published in Russia in 2005.

In the book we follow the story of Artyom, a survivor of a nuclear holocaust who now lives in the Russian metro, traversing an apocalyptic land and always stumbling upon some kind of danger.Β The book describes the consequences of an atomic war: its only survivors strive for existence in the mazes of the Moscow metro system some two decades after the nuclear Holocaust. The novel contains elements of science fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction and dystopia, in which Russia’s ‘present-day’ society is meticulously analyzed and described.

A brief history of the novel before it was published;Β 

51p0mKCuP1L._AC_UL320_SR248,320_The novel first appeared online in 2002, but was first being written when Glukhovsky was no older than 16. First called “Underground”, this version consisted only of 13 of the story’s eventual 20 chapters, and ended rather abruptly with Artyom’s death from a stray bullet. Underground was a rather unique story in terms of maintaining a satisfyingly depressing vibe to it, but also structurally, including references to music to which each chapter was intended to be listened to. Underground didn’t manage to be published however, as the publishers Glukhovsky approached either stated that the story’s ending was too “edgy” or the overall premise was simply not inspiring enough. Once posted on the internet however, it became an interactive experiment, drawing in thousands of readers from around Russia.

In 2005 it was reworked, expanded, and printed by an established publisher as Metro 2033, quickly becoming a nationwide bestseller.

There are three books in total in the metro series, Metro 2033, Metro 2034 and Metro 2035, but only the first and the last follows the story of Artyom. There has also been made two video games based on the books, Metro 2033 and Metro; Last light. I have played through both and they are amazing. I’ll include trailers for both below. I would definitely recommend all three books and both of the games if you really like post-apocalyptic scenarios or alternative universes.

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13 responses to Book recommendation; Metro 2033.


    I have metro on 360!

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    This is awesome, you have such great taste in books! I’m not much of a gamer myself but you have me curious about the books now. Putting this on my summer to-read list xx



    The story sounds interesting & I didn’t know the game was based off a book! I have the game in my steam library so I should play it 1 day! 😊



    Well, you have taught me something! I did not know that games were built from books. Thats so interesting! Im not into games, (although I was a massive Resident Evil on PS fan years ago), but I love and appreciate the creativity behind them. The books sound pretty interesting x



      A lot of games are, actually! There’s also some games that have books written about them too πŸ™‚ The Metro books are quite good because you don’t have to play them to read them or the other way around. x

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    This seems interesting…I’m only just starting to read paper back books again…..would love to see if this first my genre


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